Baggage Storage
    Available 24 Hours a day, open Seven Days a Week
    store your baggage for a few hours or as many days
    as you like, at the rates below:
    (For Group reservation of 5 or more click here. )
Prices Per Piece
One day
One Week
Extra Week
One Month
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Winter coats & Boots Storage
    For the convenience of Passengers heading south
    during the Winter season, Plastic containers are        
    available to store all winter-wear in, big enough for
    2-4 passengers to share, at the rates below:
Prices Per Family of up to 6
One Week
Extra Week
One Month
Lost and Found
    In good faith and courtesy to Ottawa International
    Airport's Passengers under Ottawa Airport Authority,
    all items lost or forgotten behind in the Terminal
    building or left outside in the Park Ade which are
    turned into our Lost and Found Department by the
    finders, will be kept in a lock-up for a period of 30
    days during which, all efforts will be made to identify
    or to be contacted by the rightful owner to claim,
    before it's passed on to the Airport Authority's Rep
    and thereon to the Airport's Chapel for Charity
    purposes. To trace a recently lost Item click here.
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